Vets2Success Philanthropic Partnership


Oak & Stone Restaurants are excited to announce that they have partnered with local Veteran organization Vets2Success! Vets2Succes is a non profit organization that helps support homeless and displaced Veterans. Their philosophy? Help vets find passion and purpose through food and brew programs, specifically finding job placements in the “Bake, Cook, Brew, Grow” categories. 

vets2success with o and s owners


“When we look at a lemon, we don’t just see a lemon. We see an inspiring ingredient, a garnish, and so much more – something that makes a dish thrive. VETS 2 SUCCESS aims to inspire, mentor, educate, and transform the lives of Veterans just like we transform what grows on our farm into culinary or craft brew creations.”


To celebrate the philanthropic partnering, special brew “Charlie, Sierra, Mike Stout” debuted on Oak & Stone University’s 56 tap beer wall. It was tapped less than 72 hours later, a tribute to the talent of the head brewer at Naughty Monk, military veteran Curtis Dille. Dille immediately jumped at the opportunity to partner with Oak & Stone. The one- of- a-kind brew features hand picked organic ingredients from the Vets2Success farm, notably the strawberries that you can subtly taste in the stout.


What’s in a name? CSM stout was named after holding a contest asking the local Sarasota & Bradenton communities to help us name our first special collaborative brew. The decision to name it after the military alphabet was an easy one-a tribute to all of our military heroes!

Oak & Stone plans to include Vets 2 Success in their operations whenever possible. Oak & Stone Craft Beer and Live Music Fest, planned the first weekend of November 2019 at the UTC location is one of these events that we look forward to working together on!

The Oak & Stone team was invited to take a tour of the farm, that is somewhat of a haven on busy University Parkway. It is off the beaten path, and as Bryan Jacobs, Founder of Vets 2 Success, states “sometimes it is important in life to take the road less traveled, as you never know what good things it may lead you to.” The team was able to see the 10,000 strawberry plants, organic cauliflower, cucumber, wild turkeys, bunnies, and roosters that all call the farm home. Jacobs discussed opportunities to utilize some of the ingredients on the farm on a regular basis, in an effort to have truly local options on Oak & Stone menus while supporting a local organization that we truly believe in. All proceeds from these menu items would go right back to the organization to assist in continuing their growth.


Oak & Stone is excited to help place local veterans in jobs where they can continue to serve their communities, this time on the home front.

To learn more about Vets 2 Success and the amazing things they are doing for our country's heroes, check out their website www.vets2success.org




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