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National Pizza Party Day – Pizza Party Giveaway (May 19, 2017)

Ain’t No Party Like a Pizza Party!

What better way to celebrate National Pizza Day than by giving away three pizza parties to deserving local businesses?

We started by asking our social media fans to submit their favorites – even if it happened to be a selfish nomination. All in all, we received 168 suggestions that included nearly 70 local businesses in Sarasota and Manatee counties.

Let us stop here and say WOW!

We never expected to receive such an abundance of nominations, but were extremely excited about the possibilities and immediately went to work on selecting our pizza party victors. This was no easy feat! Each and every company submitted was certainly worthy of celebrating.

The businesses selected to receive a surprise pizza party were Sarasota Memorial Health Care System’s Urgent Care Center, Robert Willis Elementary School, and Schroeder-Manatee Ranch – though they were not made aware until the day of delivery! Boy, were their employees surprised and excited. There was even one gentleman from SMR who sent a thank-you letter that said, “Thank you for dropping the pizza off at SMR headquarters today. The pizza was great, the ladies were entertaining and friendly, and the poor guy (AKA Oak & Stone owners, Joe and/or Brett) held his own against such beauty. Great times, thank you.”

The proof is in the pizza – or in the video of the pizza deliveries.

Best of all, we captured each delivery on film – and have feasted on the memories ever since… All 55 pizzas and 202 satisfied faces to be exact!

You get a pizza, and you get a pizza, and YOU get a pizza!

When our team received 168 nominations – we initially wanted to surprise them all. It was officially decided that we would deliver pizza parties to the select three, and then invite each company to join us at Oak & Stone, at their convenience, for a happy-hour pizza party! As a result, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting The Out-of-Door Academy, The Law Place, Family Dentistree, and Girls Inc.!







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